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To celebrate the end of 2011 and our holidays we held the first (hopefully) annual AFENDS Christmas golf game. Picture this, 21 of Byron Bays most notorious, 9 golf carts and a bunch of booze. It definitely got weird. 

The fact that less than half of the people playing on the day could actually hit the ball just provoked intoxication and hooliganism. Hopefully we are allowed back next year. Welcome to 2012! 

/Serious gamers. /All the gear and no idea. /A bit of friendly compeition./10 or so swings to hit the bail. Sammy shredding. /Are you to good for your home? /A lot of grin. /JS gets radical. /Media frenzy./Rat Boy./Johhny Jack. /2012 is here, Question eveything. 

All photos by Sam Nolan.