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The Crash Reel Trailer

The Crash Reel Trailer

Making its worldwide premiere, The Crash Reel is an eye-popping film following champion snowboarder Kevin Pearce and his escalating rivalry with nemesis Shaun White in the run up to the 2010 Winter olympics. Stunningly edited from 20 years of verité footage the documentary culminates in Shaun winning Gold and Kevin in a life-threatening coma following a training accident suffering a traumatic brain injury and his battle to rebuild his life and return to the sport. 

Directed bu Lucy Walker, The Crash Reel features a stellar soundtrack including songs from Sigor Ros, The Chemical Brothers, M83, Moby and more. 

There will be a charity screening in Sydney at The Hayden Orpheum in Cremorne tonight at 6.30pm with donations to the Royal Rehabilitation Centre. Purchase tickets here. Additionally, The Crash Reel will screen as part of the Melbourne International Film Festival and New Zealand International Film Festival.