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Featured Artist - Bec Nolan

Next up in line for our Featured Artist series is AFENDS Womens Designer, Bec Nolan, who you can follow on Instagram!


What was your inspiration behind designing the new Spring range? 

I seem to remember I was really craving a tropical holiday. Also I had just seen the Rum Diary - 1960s Puerto Rico, Johnny Depp and Amber Heard being a babe, obviously I was inspired by it. So its all a bit tropical and Palm Springs like, or at least thats what was going on in my head as I was designing it.

Is there a particular muse that you have in mind when youre creating?

My main bitch Matilda Dods (the model all over the Afends website); the Teen Delinquent Acid Queen.

What makes living here in Byron Bay so special?

Its a pretty unique place in how relaxed it is - most things we do revolve around how nice the beach is looking/ how good the waves are on that day.

Although I actually live in Mullumbimby (15 minutes north of Byron) which is a super weird little town, apparently all the old Byron hippies that didnt head into the bush moved there after Byron got too mainstream, or expensive or something.  


If you were in a band what would it sound like?

Super girly heavy metal.

What does your ideal world look like?

The beach is never more than a five minute walk away, everyone speaks Japanese and there are unicorns, obviously. 

Also the sky changes colour throughout the day to various pastel shades, the moon is twice as big and the stars are brighter.


Where do you live, whats good about it and where would you rather be (if anywhere?)

As stated above I live in Mullum, its good because if you didnt want to you would never have to leave; for such a small town they really have everything - the town slogan (thats a thing I guess?) is The Biggest Little Town in Australia. We also won cleanest town a few years in a row back in the nineties. Id rather be in Japan, where everything is weird and adorable.

Whats the best (or worst) advice youve been given?

Dont adopt any animals, they make it hard to find rentals and travel. Unfortunately I ignored that advice and its really hard to find rentals and people to feed and clean my cats poop when we go away. But also that was terrible advice because animals are so entertaining to have around and they love you and stuff.

What makes you happy?

My mini dachshund, Pony. I dont trust anyone that doesnt squeal every time she moves or makes a noise.

What makes you angry?

My mini dachshund, Pony. Shes the worst. 

What could you not live without?

Pony. Also I really like Bonsoy - I might not go so far as to say I would die without it but, it would be properly mourned.

And last but not least: what is your favourite piece in the collection?

Oh thats hard - the Electric Ice denim shorts and South of Sahara leggings are so easy to wear, I could alternate between them every day.