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Featured Artist - Sam Octigan

Next in line for our Featured Artist Series is Sam Octigan, a longtime AFENDS pal and designer. Follow Sam on Instagram for all his creative work.  


How would you describe your style of art?

Its quite broad I guess, I work in a range of mediums and styles. Lots of traditional mediums like acrylic and oil on canvas and paper, then a lot of it is quite graphic. I do a lot of personal work for exhibitions and gallery settings, then also a lot of work in the music industry, record covers, posters etc.


Whats your favourite medium to work with?

I couldnt pick one but a traditional medium would be up there, feels great to watch an image come to life under your hand.


What do you do when youre not creating?

I work a lot and spend time writing and playing shows with the band so I usually spend free time just chilling with family. I watch a lot of movies to unwind as well.


Where do you live, whats good about it and where would you rather be (if anywhere)?

I live in Melbourne, comparable to any major city in the world. I like to travel though and havent been to Japan yet so maybe there next?


If you were in a band what would it sound like?

I sing in a band called Iron Mind. About to record a new full length record and will tour Australia and NZ next summer, check it out if you want to know what we sound like.


Whats music have you been spinning of late?

The new Beady Eye and Warbrain records.


Whats the best (or worst) advice youve been given?

When I had just hit 20 someone (not in a creative business) told me not to sit around honing my skills, waiting for the dream job to fall in my lap. Go out and work hard at anything related to what Im interested in now because the dream job will change as you go, learn different skills on the job over time and youll work out where you want to be. That might not be verbatim but thats the jist and its spot on whatever you do, I think.


What makes you happy?



What makes you angry?



What could you not live without?

...Coffee, haha.


Sam designed the Watch Out Bodysuit.


Sam also designed the Ay Caramba Dress Shirt, with the same print on the My Time Baywatch Shorts.

And last but not least question: What is your favourite piece in the collection?

Indians Live Forever is a real classic.