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Featured Artist - David Jonsson


We take five with AFENDS Creative Director, David Jonsson who give us some insights into his curation for the new Mens collection and inspirations behind his esigns. Born and raised in Zimbabwe before relocating to the Bay, David has been the mastermind behind our brands creative design here for the past 4 years. He lives and breathes all things thrash and has a genuine passion for street-wear. Take a deeper look into what makes David tick... Follow David on Instagram for some Positive Mental Radness!


How would you describe your style of art?

I wouldnt really classify myself as an artist, an artist to me is someone who lives day in day out creating, people like Banksy, Lister, Jasper Hills etc. Im a graphic designer, when it comes to creating graphics its a mixture of computer based design and free hand work, my freehand style is kind of rough and generally its only typography. I really enjoy making yardages/fabrics more so than graphics these days. 


Whats your favourite medium to work with?

Ive been doing a lot of metal/punk style typography at home for a laugh just on paper with black pens, thats fun.   

David Jonsson designed the Hammer Time Five Panel - with the same design carrying over to the Lord Cand-Cut.

What do you do when youre not creating?

Make furniture, surf like a kook, draw, hang out with my girlfriend Jen, spend time with my family, have beers with mates, play drums and guitar. 


Where do you live, whats good about it and where would you rather be (if anywhere?)

I live in Bangalow, just up on the hill 10 mins out of Byron, its really chilled and Ive got some good mates close by, good food and cafes. Its the perfect place to enjoy Byron and when Byron gets mad you can hide out in the hills.  

afendsDavid Jonsson designed the Dr. Green Thumb Tee.

What does your ideal world look like?

This might sound like Im in the Miss USA pageant but a world that had no poverty. Im originally from Africa where poverty is a real thing, living in Australia you can sometimes think the rest of the world has it as easy as us, were just the lucky few in the 10%. 


If you were in a band what would it sound like?

My girlfriend and I jam regularly, it sounds like a really shit version of The Clash x The Black Keys. Im currently getting my jam room set up, the big black velvet curtains should be in the mailbox soon. 

afendsThe Johnny Vegas Dress Shirt features custom AFENDS Yardage by David Jonsson.  

Whats music have you been spinning of late?

13th Floor Elevators, The Black Keys, Metallica, Gideon, Jimi Hendrix, Nirvana, The Black Angels, Angelic Upstarts.


What is your spirit animal?



Whats the best (or worst) advice youve been given?

Ahh I dont know, Ive been given lots of good advice from my family but generally Im pretty stubborn and dont listen, afterwards though I realize that they where right. 

afendsAFENDS Brain Dead Tee is designed by David Jonsson - featured above on AFENDS Team Rider Boyd Young.

What makes you happy?

Nature, traveling, family, my girlfriend, friends. 


What makes you angry?

Blaming wars on religion rather than the extremists that start them for their own benefit. Robert Mugabe. Liars. Ignorance. Assuming everyone from Africa is a racist.... I could probably go on all day haha, maybe Im an angry little man.


What could you not live without?



And last but not least question: what is your favourite piece in the collection?

The Hollow Knit!