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Yeah Dude By Toby Cregan

Yeah Dude By Toby Cregan

Yeah Dude is the story of a wild camper van adventure through California with a bunch of dirty surfer friends from Australia and the USA. Waves partnered up with Creed McTaggart and filmmaker Toby Cregan to find the fun and document the trip. The film is their combined creative efforts and combines their love of beer, video cameras and surfing.

Starring: Creed McTaggart, Andrew Doheny, Thom Pringle, Warren Smith, Beau Foster, Metal Jimmy and Dillon Perillo, and AFENDS Team Riders Duncan McNicol & Josh Sleep.

Grab your copy available for free in the latest copy of Waves Magazine & check out the trailer below!

Yeah Dude Trailer from Waves Magazine on Vimeo.