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Art By Torren

Team rider Torren Martyn spends some solid time beneath the lip and under the sun. He also spends alot of the time scribbling on his boards, giving them his personal touch and making them look incredibly rad. Torren has recently started up a new Instagram dedicated to all his original surfboard art and designs, and has now decided to sell one of these badboys.

I started this board about a month ago and have spent about 50hrs scribbling on it since and with a bit of help from my little old friend Maia.I think its one of, if not my favorite piece yet. This is the first board Ive done that hasnt been for my self or anyone in particular and Id really like to see it on a wall in a cafe/restaurant, a gallery or a place it can call home. If anyone is interested or has a contact feel free to email me
☺️✌️ Torren Martyn <>

Check out his gram for more of his artwork.