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Any Tips? Our Top Film Cameras

You may or may not have noticed but we are massive advocates of supporting old techniques throughout various topics, that including cameras. The vast majority of imagery we create comes from film cameras and this week we wanted to give you an insight into a few of our top picks from the world of film.

1. Mamiya 7II

THE BEST rangefinder camera ever….. possibly even the best Medium Format camera ever.

afends2. Leica M7 

Its a Leica, before they went digital, do we need to say more.


3. Nikonos V

This thing still baffles us, its a fully sealed underwater rangefinder camera…. with interchangeable lenses!


4, 5 & 6. The Contax Family (645 / G2 / T2)

Well the thing about Contax is they are fucking amazing! Always using Carl Zeiss glass you know they are going to be damn good! The G2 (interchangeable lens rangefinder) battles the Leica for image quality its that damn good, Nothing comes close to the T2 in the point and shoot market and the 645 is the best option if you want a full sized Medium Format camera with fast zeiss lenses!