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Any Tips? Travel with Torren

Our team surfer Torren Martyn checks the ‘well travelled’ box quite solidly.

Over the course of the past 4 years he has managed to travel from Canada, through the US into Mexico over 3 months, driving for periods of up to 36 hours. Then jetted straight over to Europe where he spent 3 months driving from Frankfurt to Lisbon camping all along the way. Spent over 3 months exploring South East Asia before moving to Bali for 9 months and to top it all off his latest adventure was a 3 month surf trip starting from San Diego heading south through Baja all the way to Salina Cruz in Southern Mexico.

With all that in mind here are Torrens top 5 travel tips:

1. Spend a few months in South East Asia. Seeing the diversity of people and 3rd world cultures is a humbling experience that everyone should have.

afends2. Drive the coast Highway 101 from Canada to Cali. Possibly one of the most scenic highways in the world.

afends3. Where ever you are, get off the beaten path. Adventure beyond the tourist attractions. 

afends4. Travel Europe in a van in the off season, you can sneak into campsites to save money whilst living off $1.69 sangria and baguettes from Lidl. 

afends5. Visit Yosemite National Park. As much as Torren sticks to the non-tourist attractions, occasionally places like this make you realise why they are so popular.