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Featured Artist - Raych Urquhart

Raych Urquhart aka Ponygold is one talented lady. She is the illustrator behind our best-selling “Phases” tank and her hand drawn illustrations are truly amazing - her pup Weenie is pretty special too!  


How would you describe your style of art?

It’s mostly a translation of things in nature and life that are wonderful and stupefying; an illustrative reminder to feel awe about our daily existence. It also involves subliminal Ted Nugent references.

If you were in a band what would it sound like?

Pretty bad. But bad with banjos.

What does your ideal world look like?

There’d be at least half as many people, and twice as much wilderness. And some animals would also come in reverse sizes (ie: tiny whales and ponies, and giant parrots and turtles). The rapid population decrease would be achieved by making all the foul greedheads disappear, so people would be way more interested in friends, family and having a nice time than in harvesting power, money and environmentally unsound real estate.


Where do you live, whats good about it and where would you rather be (if anywhere?)

I live in Melbourne at the moment, which is good for bookstores, art, music, rooftop bars, backyard campfires and wearing weird coats. It has amazing long days in summer too. But I’d probably rather be back home on the mid north coast of NSW, where there’s all kinds of creeks and beaches to swim in and never ice on anyone’s cars or public transport weirdos to deal with.

What is your spirit animal?

Life guidance definitely comes from my dog, the Weenie Mutt; she’s always so happy and curious and silly and kind. I love that sometimes she’s just so full of joy, all that’s left to do is run as fast as possible in big circles. 

Whats your favourite medium to work with?

Fineliner felt-tip pens and Posca pens really satisfy my latent need for control; whereas things like watercolour and spray paint really freak it out, but in a kind-of good way.


What do you do when youre not creating?

I annoy my dog. That’s pretty much all I do in my spare time – follow her around, put flowers on her face, and ask her questions. But I also like going on adventures with my partner: camping, snorkelling, fishing, swimming, collecting things.

Whats the best (or worst) advice youve been given?

In my late teens, my mum told me she’d been really worried I would be a ‘follower’ – because I’m quiet, and I genuinely observe and consider everything people say to me – but that she was relieved I wasn’t. Not so much advice, but some positive reinforcement of being weird that I never forgot.


What makes you happy?

The great loves in my life (family, partner, dog, art/words), and fire, ocean, friends and beers. And finding sea urchins makes me go out of my mind with joy.

What makes you angry?

I don’t even want to get started, but it’s Tony Abbott.

What could you not live without?

I could probably survive without all the aforementioned things that make me happy, but I wouldn’t want to.