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As you may or may not know, our team surfer Duncan McNicol doesn’t shy away from a frosty ale on any given day. Chances are if you’ve been out for a sneaky drink in Byron you have been in close proximity to him.

Dunc recently gave us his top 5 tips for knocking back a coldy in our home town.


1. Get some takeaways and drink at the NOMAD BENCH. It’s good because the bench is on the street so you can drink out there without getting hassled by the Police for drinking in public, there is also a constant stream of backpackers coming in and out.


2. Once you’ve left the bench at Nomads, pick up a few more beers and head to the TOP PARK. This is the main park in Byron, its good because its always filled with other people drinking and having good times, plus all the trippers fill out the place at sundown.


3. THE RAILS. Get down there by 3pm, the pub is an old railway station that has live music and a few cheeky pokie machines. Its filled with a good atmosphere and not too busy at 3.


4. Grab a group of mates, your bikes, a few take-aways and hit the streets. There is always a group of people having a party somewhere.


5. Last but not least this one is a No No. Don’t go to the MIDDLE PARK.
As Dunc puts it, “it’s filled with dodgy parkies on matties”.