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Wax Witches

Wax Witches is the lo-fi laptop punk solo project of Alex Wall from Bleeding Knees Club fame. Following on from his hugely successful EP’s from last year, Wax Witches returns with Serotonin Syndrome a taste from his forthcoming new album.
Here’s what Alex has to say:

Serotonin syndrome is a reaction you can get from combining therapeutic drugs, that leads to excess serotonergic activity. I have crazy anxiety problems and take this hectic medicine. And I dont smoke weed, but once I was outside of a restaurant where my friends were smoking a joint. I guess I inhaled some smoke because I had a crazy reaction and couldnt move or see, and thought I was dying. I don’t know if it was serotonin syndrome, but it was gnarly.

Give it a spin below and stay tuned to Inertia on the 4th of July for the full album!