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Home Video Nick Colbey

Our pals over at TRACKS have head hunted five filmmakers around the country to see their spoils from behind the lens for the series, Home Video. For the first instalment they have Afends brother & resident Sydney shredder Nick Colbey enjoying the fruits of his labour from behind the lens. View on...

“These are bits and pieces from my hard drive affectionately known as the YEWBOOK. It’s nearly full and has been packed with stuff from Indo, South America and the South Coast. I was on a surf trip In the Ments with my old man and over the horizon came the Indies Trader 4 or as Sean Doherty said to me when he jumped off into the lineup with the whole Billabong team – “Everybody hates rocking up on the Death Star.” – Colbey

Featuring – Soli Bailey, Kai Hing, Rasta, Jamie O’brien, Oney Anwar, Anthony Walsh, Cheyne Magnusson, Ryan Callinan, Ian Gentil, Coconut Colbey, Jarrah Orphin, Tom Villegas.