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"A coffin with a lot of cold beers came to me from nowhere, I drink two or three and I imagine it is possible to surf with the coffin door. I really get some waves, and suddenly I hear a beautiful song by a beautiful voice, maybe the voice was not beautiful, at all, but the song... i think it was Guns N Roses and at the moment sounds perfect to me! The song came from a beautiful blonde mermaid...and, I fell in love right there. OH SHIT, WAS A SWEET DECADENCE AT PARADISE" - Joao Cruz

Our Portuguese brother and AFENDS artist, Joao Cruz has opened a new group exhibition at the Platforma Revolver Gallery in Lisbon. The group exhibition featuring André Lard, Cecilia Corujo, John Cruz, John Fonte Santa, Sara & André, among others is intended to reflect a national feeling among the demand for change and inertia, between rebellion and resignation, at a time when the word dissociates action and a year in which we celebrate four decades of democracy and democratic rule is more than ever, questioned.

European friends get along and show your support. Exhibition finishes 29.11.2014.

Plataforma Revólver 

Rua da Boavista 84 1200-068 Lisboa Portugal

Opening Hours: Wed til Sat [2pm -7pm]