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"The images you're seeing on the screen at the moment are an overview of where we live in Byron Bay. It's always been a heartland of the counter-culture! Ever since the late 60's hippies and surfers have been coming here to explore their inner potential and their lifestyles. It's always been seen as a place where people can come and find some soul..." - Ed Sinnott

Please experience Episode 2 of our new AFENDS reality defined video series 'CODE ZIRCON 99'. Filmed by Ishka Folkwell, edited by Toby Cregan and with insightful narration by Ed Sinnott - this instalment based around our hometown of Byron Bay.  

Follow our team-riders Duncan McNicol, Torren Martyn, JS and Luke Stickley on a voyage of self-discovery through the wilderness of excess into one of wild adventure & personal freedom...  

Watch Episode 2 below or Subscribe to the Full Series now at www.youtube.com/afendstv