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Lepers and Crooks

It began with a teenage brotherhood that grew member by member. Each man was drawn to the group not only by the audacity of the sounds it was producing but by the need to be part of a group whose music and friendship were so intimately intertwined.

This five-piece, anthemic rock outfit have been blurring the lines of genre in Sydney’s live music scene since forming March of 2012. Their sound is a perfectly executed collaboration between cohesive vocal harmonies, contemporary metal riffs, funk rhythms and commanding rock drumming. Their dreamscape lyrics perfectly capture today’s youth culture and the young band explores it’s illicit trinity: the evolution of loss, self-destruction and musical nostalgia.

Sydney Band Lepers and Crooks are set to take on the world and their captivating live show is one worth seen. The boys have kicked off their world wind tour with 30 shows in 40 days! To find out more about the band click HERE