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afendsDecember 07, 2014


Sydney metalcore favourites Northlane have finally revealed the identity of the vocalist who they recruited to take the place of Adrian Fitipaldes, as Sydney-based rocker Marcus Bridge.

In September the Blacktown outfit announced that Fitipaldes would be leaving the group due to stress and ill-health. The band assured fans that they still intend on releasing a new single by the end of the year and said they were currently accepting submissions for a new vocalist. 

The band were taken by Bridge’s ability to match his voice and lyrics to the band’s instrumentation, as can be seen on his audition video where he was asked to lay his own lyrics over Northlane’s track Singularity, which you can watch below.

Bridge’s vocals are a little more polished that Fitipaldes’ rough and tumble clean singing voice, which allows him to set up his own distinct style. He also unleashes an impressive throat shredding growl on the track, see for yourselves in the new video for 'Rot' below...