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familyJanuary 13, 2015


Our Portugese skater Zenildo Guilherme is a force to be reckoned with!! Originally born in Angola, due to the war his parents brought him to Portugal where he still lives today. Despite the distance, "Ze" (as he is known) still feels a great connection to his homeland, a fact that is reflected in everything he does. Now at 18 years-old he tries to stay in contact with is African roots, and deep in him, he strives to share with is birth country, everything that makes his life special and worthwhile. 

Ze is a skater, but not only. He's a musician, an illustrator and an amazing human being. This is a portrait of the different facets of this skater and the way he sees everything that surrounds him. We are pleased to introduce you: Zenildo as presented by ONSK8.COM 

I.D. ZENILDO from Zona Radical ÁFRICA on Vimeo.