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We recently stumbled upon Zachary Bennett-Brook's Instagram and were completely blown away by his talent. Here's what Zachary has to say about himself, his artwork and inspirations.

"I’m Zachary Bennett-Brook, welcome to my artistic journey. Throughout my artistic exploration I have grown whilst exploring many different designs and mediums, until I discovered and created my own style which best represents my culture, my passions and myself. Growing up in Wollongong I have always been surrounded by water and have always been involved with water based activities. Being Torres Strait Islander water has always played a vital role throughout my life, as it is ingrained within my cultural heritage and is often represented throughout many of my artworks and designs. I find and gather inspiration in the oceans blue walls and sandy floors, often exploring different colour tones commonly associated with the sea throughout my works."

You can view Zachary's work on his website (http://www.saltwaterdreamtime.com/) view his instagram (https://instagram.com/saltwaterdreamtime) or catch him on facebook (www.facebook.com/Saltdreamtime)

In the meantime, enjoy some of Zachary's incredible artwork below.