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The Good Life in Sumbawa, Indonesia.
AfendsSeptember 20, 2018

The Good Life in Sumbawa, Indonesia.

Recently our mates & local lords Taj Richmond, Jhamil Coorey and Rory Twomey hit the lesser known Indonesian island of Sumbawa for some good times.

Far less developed and quite a bit more conservative then neighbouring Bali and Lombok, Sumbawa is a mismatched terrain of volcanic ridges, terraced rice paddies and vast, dry ranges bordered by undefiled beaches featuring flawless surf breaks. These key ingredients make it an ideal destination for those seeking a relaxed sun & surf trip: you won’t find a bunch of sweaty Aussies grinding on each other, crawling the streets at all hours heckling the locals.

The boys explored the unique island oasis with nothing but boards, bikes and cameras in hand, visiting the small villages and making friends with the locals.

View the clip by Rory Twomey below for a slice of Sumbawa.

Words by AFENDS
Models: Taj Richmond, Rory Twomey, & Jhamil Coorey@tajrichmond  @rorytwomey @jhamillllz
Photography: Rory Twomey – @rorytwomey
Videography: Rory Twomey – @rorytwomey
Song: Overdoser by Los Scallywaggs@los_scallywaggs