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Featured Artist - Johann Ingemar


Up next for AFENDS Featured Artist Series is Johann Ingemar. Johann is a fucking legend and the longest standing Afends artist, designing for us from close to day one. Over the years Johann has become one of the leading traditonal tattoo artists in Australia, with his distinct folk spin making him one of the most recognised artists in the industry. Follow him on Instagram to find out where hell be tattooing next.  


How would you describe your style of art?

Paintings and tattoos inspired by turn of the century tattoo art and European and American folk art.

Whats your favourite medium to work with?

Pen and liquid acrylic.


What do you do when youre not creating?

Not much, try to get up early and surf (like an absolute kook) eat some good food with some friends and talk some shit, dont mind a good bush walk either, theres lots of beautiful spots in the hinterland around here.

Where do you live, whats good about it and where would you rather be (if anywhere?)

Brunswick Heads, love the laid back lifestyle, the beach and the abundance of good and healthy food. Like any beautiful place, the grass is sometimes greener on the other side, and the small town can get a little monotonous so I try to travel as much as possible to keep things fresh.


What does your ideal world look like?

No money, no borders, no banks, internet, phones and tv are abolished, 30degrees year round, Surf perfect 2ft waves on a mal with no one out, paint or tattoo all day, while listening to Sabbath. Followed by a camel ride to Jerusalem at sun down. Im not sure how any of this would be possible but you didnt ask how.

If you were in a band what would it sound like?

A dying turd.


Whats music have you been spinning of late?

Pentagram, Graveyard, Kadavar, High On Fire, Om, Church of Misery, Creedence, James Taylor, Black Breath, The Doors, Mindsnare.

What is your spirit animal?

3-toed sloth.

What makes you happy?

Creation, thought provoking conversation, good food, the ocean and other uninhabited parts of planet earth.  

What makes you angry?

Humans, greed, money, religious extremism. 

What could you not live without?  


And last but not least question: What is your favourite piece in the collection?

Probably whichever one everyone else thinks is the worst.






Johann Ingemar designed the Thrash graphic featured on The Hollow Knit above, the Thrash For Cash Raglan, Afends Thrash Tee, the Run Panther Band-Cut and the Thrash Singlet.